Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of passengersí personal information is part of Maritime Air Charter Limitedís commitment to providing outstanding customer service. We are required to collect passenger names for all flights; for international flights, there is also a legal requirement for a copy of each passenger's passport (including infants), and in some cases, additional information of a personal nature.

Passenger information will generally be collected via e-mail or fax, but will be viewed by Company dispatch/management personnel and the Captain of the flight only; it will not be conveyed to any agency or person other than those directly connected to the flight (i.e. customs and immigration officials). All extra copies of this information will be shredded after the flight.

After the flight, electronic and stamped copies of the information transmitted to the foreign departments will be retained in Company records for not less than 5 years, due to the statute of limitations on prosecution for non-compliance of data transmittal in some countries. In addition, a copy of each passengerís passport will be maintained in a file for use for future flights.

Individuals have the right at any time to make a written request that the filed copy of their passport be destroyed, however, this means that for future international flights they will be required to resubmit a current copy in a timely manner. Also, this will not affect the information stored for completed flights, as this must be retained as part of the legal document set for that flight.

Under no circumstances will customer information be conveyed to any other company for marketing or charitable solicitation purposes. We appreciate the trust that you show in providing us with your personal information and safeguard it as if it were our own.

Any persons with questions or comments about the collection of personal information may address their concerns to the Company Privacy Officer, who may be reached by calling the Company office number during regular hours.