Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
PA-31 Piper Navajo

Navajo interior This turbo-charged twin engine piston aircraft is a reliable and economical choice to meet all of your charter needs. Like the King Air 200, the club seating and (optional) stowable tables provide an "enroute office", so you need not waste your travel time. Convenience and safety at an affordable price - who could ask for anything more?

General Specifications
Navajo seating chart Seating 4 passengers, 1 or 2 pilots
Cruise Speed 160-170 kts (295-315 km/h)
Fuel and Endurance
Max Fuel 1140 lbs (520 kg)
Fuel Burn 210 lbs/hr (95 kg/h)
Full Fuel Endurance approx 5.25 hrs
Allowable Payload
(max combined passenger and baggage/cargo weight)
Passenger configuration and...
...full fuel 900 lbs (409 kg)
...max payload 1250 lbs (568 kg)
Cargo configuration (no passenger seats installed) and...
...full fuel 1040 lbs (473 kg)
...max payload 1390 lbs (632 kg)
Cargo Configuration - Cabin Dimensions
Navajo cargo configuration
Cross-Section - Cabin Dimensions
Navajo cross-section
Cabin Door Dimensions
Height 3'1"-3'8"
Width 2'0" (2'2" if strut removed)