Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
Our Location

Maritime Air Charter Limited is conveniently located at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada at the Gateway Facilities Hangar, 645 Pratt and Whitney Drive. The hangar can be seen from the highway as you approach the airport from the city.
Map showing location of Maritime Air Charter

From Hwy 102, exit 5a (Aerotech business park):
Turn right at the top of the exit ramp onto Aerotech Drive. Follow it around the curve and take the first left onto Pratt and Whitney Drive. This will take you past the airport hotels on a road that parallels the highway. The Gateway hangar will be on your right, just past where the road narrows.

From Hwy 102, exit 6 (main airport exit):
Turn right at the top of the exit ramp onto Bell Blvd and then take the first right onto Pratt and Whitney Drive (well before Tim Hortons). This road will take you away from the main terminal and back towards the highway; you will see the Gateway hangar on your left.

Gateway Facilities Hangar

At Gateway, the entrance to the boarding lounge for Maritime Air Charter is located on the far left side of the building (the opposite end from Fedex).

Short term parking (for a day or two) is available free of charge for passengers on Maritime Air Charter flights - please park in a spot marked "Visitor". Longer term parking may also be arranged by talking to the Gateway desk staff.