Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
BE-20 Beech King Air 200

King Air interior The King Air 200 is a pressurized turbo-prop aircraft that is the next step up from the Navajo, taking you in comfort and safety anywhere you want to go. With a roomy interior, comfortable leather seats and stowable tables you can make the most of your valuable time by continuing your business enroute, making your travel plans a breeze.

King Air 200 seating chart General Specifications
Seating 8 passengers, 1 or 2 pilots
Cruise Speed 240-270 kts (440-495 km/h)
Max Altitude 28,000 ft (8500 m)
Fuel and Endurance
Max Fuel 3645 lbs (1655 kg)
Fuel Burn 500-800 lbs/hr* (230-365 kg/h)
Full Fuel Endurance 6.5 hrs+*
* fuel burn/endurance are altitude dependent
Allowable Payload
(max combined passenger and baggage weight)
Full fuel 725 lbs (330 kg)
Max payload 2200 lbs (1000 kg)