Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
International Charter

General Requirements and Policies
All travelers (including infants) on all international flights are required to possess a current passport, a copy of which must submitted to Maritime Air Charter Limited in advance of the flight (how far in advance depends on the destination). We respect the personal nature of this information and do our utmost to protect the privacy of our customers. Please refer to our privacy policy for any questions you may have about collection/retention of personal data.

Destinations in the United States
United States The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires certain information about all travelers entering and departing the United States to be conveyed electronically to Customs and Border Protection well in advance of the flight. This means that Maritime Air Charter will require a legible copy of your passport at least one (and preferrably two) working days prior to your departure in order to transmit your information in a timely manner and avoid delaying the departure of your flight. Due to time restrictions imposed by DHS, last minute passenger additions will delay the flight by not less than two hours, and possibly longer (depending on logistics).

If you are not an American citizen, we will also require the complete address of where you will be staying/visiting while in the United States, even if you are only there for the day. If you do not have the address of your hotel or meeting place, we will be happy to assist you in obtaining it online.

For those who are not Canadian or American citizens (even if you have landed immigrant status), DHS requires you to possess a valid US Visa; an I-94 Visa Waiver card is not acceptable on charter flights.

Visiting Greenland
Greenland This exotic and interesting locale is reachable in the King Air 200 via a gas stop in Goose Bay, Newfoundland. Passport information needs to be conveyed to Greenland customs prior to departure from Halifax, so passengers should make sure that Maritime Air Charter has their correct information several (working) hours prior to that time. Because of the large distance from Goose Bay to Greenland, a full fuel load is required, so the available payload will not be as large as it is for shorter flights (that require less fuel).

Flying to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
This little piece of France is quite accessible - you need only send your passport information a few (working) hours before the flight departs so arrangements can be made with Saint Pierre customs. When planning your trip, however, it is important to note that the control tower at the airport only operates during standard working hours (with a break for lunch). Outside of these hours the airport closes and the airplane will not be allowed to arrive or depart.

Saint Pierre